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Exhibited at LSG from

5th May to 2nd June 2018

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Exhibited at LSG from

21st May to 16th July 2016

Extract from 'In the Landscape' Professor Alan Livingston

Rector, University College Falmouth (1987-2009), 2017


At the outset it is important to acknowledge that Amelia is not concerned to produce a topographical image of a specific place. Her priority is to record her response to the multi-sensory dimensions of landscape; to capture the special moment when light, colour, texture and movement come together to produce a dramatic and, at times, apocalyptic vision.


This pursuit of the intangible is a significant artistic challenge requiring technical experimentation and creative risk. In addition, it demands an intense period of reflection and critical judgment in order to produce something approaching the potency of the sublime rather than simply recording the picturesque.


An obsession with the quality of light, a love of dark stormy weather and a real pleasure in refining the painterly quality of each work suggest an artist who will not be easily satisfied. Her sensitivity and response to different locations fuels her exploration of the forms and palette that determine the unique character of each place. As a result Amelia recognises that her visual language is in a state of constant evolution.


The work in this exhibition invites us to see, rather than just look at, our favourite locations. Amelia’s work celebrates the unexpected twists and turns of being immersed ‘in’ the landscape rather than simply engaging through a passive, distant gaze.


At a deeper, psychological level these paintings encourage reflection on our constant need for a creative and sustainable relationship with landscape.


The artist’s determination to develop her visual language, together with her pursuit of new locations, will ensure that her work remains strong and challenging. It will also continue to surprise and delight.

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Exhibited at LSG from

6th May to 3rd June 2017




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Exhibited at LSG from

19th October to 16th November 2019